Let’s take a walk through a convenient store, while stopping to get fuel.

The next time you stop and get a drink and a snack while our significant other is pumping gas. 

With every purchase we make, we actively choose where our money goes and who’s economy we are supporting. We are going to take a look at our labels and find out the origin of the snack we will walk out of here with. 

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Gummy Bears – Haribo Gummies, Company name is Haribo of America, Inc. 

They are shown here Made in Turkey, UK and Germany. This one is a little deceiving. 

Albanese gummies are proudly Made in the USA.

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Chocolate- Hershey’s can you please reshore the Reese’s?? They laid off a tremendous number of employees(about 1500) and moved manufacturing to Mexico. This hurts our chocolate and our economy! So now, what is my US alternative? Boyer manufactures their chocolate right here in the USA! Nestle’s Butterfinger Peanut Butter cups are made here in the USA too! 

Drinks- Thankfully we still have most of our favorite brands of drinks that are still manufactured here, let’s see what the research says just to make sure. 

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Coca-cola was originally manufactured in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. But now they have bottling plants all over the world, so most likely the bottle of Coke you are enjoying was produced not far from where you live.

 Pepsi, PepsiCo Beverages North America; Frito-Lay North America; Quaker Foods North America; Latin America; Europe Sub-Saharan Africa; and Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Chances are you Pepsi was made close by as well.

Buying Local

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 When you walk into a convenient store, make sure to take a peak at some healthy local options. You will find locally sourced fresh fruit, coffee, boiled peanuts this is an easy way to support local businesses.

Until next time……

What is your favorite local sourced purchase and/or American Made brand that you would like to see featured? Where can we find it?