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Together we are stronger, together we are Made In America. is working to unite consumers, volunteers, patriotic spenders, legislative supporters and manufacturers for one dynamic mission.

Together we can change the spending behavior of our entire nation. Changing the behavior of consumers alone will dictate the direction of manufacturing for our country. Due to supply and demand, the manufacturers will supply what the consumers are asking for. Unification of the participants in this mission will change America, our supply chain and continue to reshore manufacturing facilities that will bring back jobs to American workers. Let’s Unite!

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If you could change the future of our country with your next purchase, would you?

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Take The Patriotic Spender Pledge!

As an American citizen, I have a patriotic responsibility to rethink my purchases on the products I buy. 

Therefore, I take the following pledge.

“I pledge to buy American-made first, whenever possible. I will always check the country of origin on all products that I buy.

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Committed to the Vision

At no time in our history has “MADE IN AMERICA” been more important to the health and stability of our country, communities and families. Twenty years of offshoring manufacturing has shown that America’s supply chain is weak enough when responding to a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

From Individuals and small family businesses to large corporations, everyone can make a choice to support America.

We are a nonprofit focused on driving economic development and job growth by changing consumer behavior through education.

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