At no time in our history has “MADE IN AMERICA” been more important to the health and stability of our country, communities and families.

We are generating 100% awareness of the importance of buying American made products.

Become A Patriotic Spender

“It Can Be Made In America Again”

Save the planet

Do you want help save the planet? By far the number one thing you can do is to buy American made products, here in the US we have some of the highest, and most stringent environmental regulations in the world. Buy an imported product and you are promoting counties with little or no regard for our world. Stop and think about where your dollars are going and who they are supporting. Buy America to save the planet.

Sick America

Uncle Sam is sick, Lady liberty is dying but you have the medicine to save them in your pocket. Buying American made Products is the only way to keep dollars and jobs in America. Decide today to save our country with your dollars.

We Don’t Need Politicians

We don't need politicians. We have the power of change in our pockets, vote with your dollars. Buying American made products has never been more important. It’s the only way we will keep dollars and jobs in America!

"Due to events over the last year, the recovery of our economy and eventually our sovereignty as a nation is up to all of us."

Our actions and purchase decisions matter.

Committed to Transparency

84% of our total operating expenses fund programs that will stimulate demand for American-made products, by educating American consumers about why they should buy American-made products – Keep well-paying manufacturing jobs and dollars in America.

We are a nonprofit focused on driving economic development and job growth by changing consumer behavior through education.

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