For Immediate Release:
November 18, 2021

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Makeup America! Announces Charitable Contribution to

Leesburg, FL – Today, Randa Fahmy, Founder of MakeupAmerica!, one of the few American beauty brands who actually make their cosmetics in the U.S, announced that her company will donate $1 from every product sold to, a start-up non-profit organization whose mission is to change consumer behavior about the need to buy American-made products.

“MakeupAmerica! is brand that allows beauty consumers to align their purchases with ethical commerce and inclusive beauty with cosmetics that are Made in America; guaranteeing high quality, transparent, safe ingredients, cruelty-free and ensuring fairness in the manufacturing and labor environment,” said Fahmy. “With its mission of encouraging American consumers to support U.S. manufacturers like us, is a perfect non-profit for us to support as part of our social commitment.”

Brad Winnings, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, said, “MakeupAmerica! shares the same values we do regarding the need for Americans to commit to keeping their dollars in the U.S., and their focus on ensuring that products contain safe ingredients is a large part of our mission as well. As an American manufacturer, Randa talks the talk and walks the walk, and we’re delighted with her generosity and willingness to partner with us on this worthy mission.”

Fahmy noted that since many American beauty brands do not make their cosmetics in the U.S, they cannot guarantee the quality and transparency of ingredients; testing on animals, abidance to health & safety regulations, and quality control within the manufacturing environment. “Our high-quality products are transparent, include safe ingredients, are cruelty-free and ensure fairness in the manufacturing and labor environment,” she added.

“As a start-up, we are at a critical launch point and early seed money is imperative to our growth and success,” said Executive Director Craig Richardson. “MakeupAmerica! answered the call, and we are grateful for their sharing in our vision of encouraging American consumers to keep dollars in the U.S. through their financial support.”

Makeup America!, whose motto is “Do Good Look Great,” is a Made in America beauty brand reflecting the American Spirit of resiliency, independence, diversity, freedom, and beauty. Featuring products named after America’s most recognized icons, and priced at $17.76 & $13.76, our cosmetics are cruelty-free, non-GMO, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. is a 501 (c) (3) organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Working with for-profit partners and with select coalition partners, trade associations, and advocacy groups, plans to drive a 3-5% shift in consumer behavior in the next five years in part by asking people to take a pledge to keep their dollars here wherever possible. Stimulating demand for American-made products by educating U.S. consumers about the importance of buying American-made products will result in well-paying manufacturing jobs and dollars remaining in the U.S.