Amazon Smiles is a way to give to your favorite charity without spending an extra penny. is now registered with Amazon Smiles. This is a way to at least have Amazon donate to a Made in America cause.

To sign up you have to go to this link will have you log in with your Amazon name and password. In the search bar, if will give you an opportunity to search for your charity of choice.

Please search “Madeinamerica” and you will see, Inc comes up to select.

Remember each time you order, double-check that you are signed in to before you order. If you stay logged in, it will show you who you support directly under your search bar.

So even if you’re unable to find a Made in USA product on Amazon, you can still support Made in America each time you shop on Amazon. Help the mission of spreading awareness about the importance of buying American Made.

Thank you so much & God Bless the USA 🇺🇸

Don Buckner
President & CEO